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:: Nudist & Naturist Terminology

Nudist & Naturist Terminology

    American Association for Nude Recreation. Publishers of The Bulletin. Based in Kissimmee, Florida.

    American Sunbathing Association (Now called AANR)  

    Bulletin, The
    Monthly newspaper published by AANR.  


    Used to describe parks where nudity is required. This is in contrast to clothing-optional parks where nudity is accepted but not required. Note, most clothing-optional parks will however require nudity when in the pool or hot tub.  

    Used to describe a very prudish view of social nudity.  

    Describes a location where any state of dress is permitted, from fully clothed to fully nude. The term is used to differentiate between locations where full nudity is required by everyone. (Note, undergarments and lingerie are generally frowned upon as a clothing option.)  

    Eastern Sunbathing Association (region of AANR)  

    Florida Association for Nude Recreation (region of AANR)  

    Free Beach
    A beach where nudity is acceptable. Free beaches generally have a tradition of nude use, although there may be no official acceptance of such.  

    Greek word meaning "naked" or "bare". Used to form compound words. The classic example of such a use is the word "gymnasium", derived from the Greek words gymnßzein and gymnˇs meaning "to train naked".  

    Naked philosophy. See "Gymno-" above.  

    International Naturist Federation  

    Landed vs. Non-Landed
    A landed club is one that owns land and provides various facilities to their visitors and/or members. A non-landed club, also called a travel club, is a group that either travels to landed clubs, holds private home events, and/or rents facilities such as health clubs.  

    Midwest Sunbathing Association (region of AANR)  

    Naturist Action Committee - A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving naturist rights. Publishers of The Newsletter.  

    Naturist Education Foundation - A non-profit organization dedicated to education and increasing naturist awareness.  

    "Naked (Nude) In Front Of Computer." Term popularized in campus computer labs.  

    Naturist LIFE International - Organization that publishes a quarterly journal under the same name. Based in Troy, Vermont.  

    Northwest Nudist Association (region of AANR)  

    A naturalist is somebody who studies zoology or botany. Naturalism is often incorrectly confused with Naturism.  

    Naturally Magazine
    Quarterly naturist publication from Events Unlimited.  

    The practice of being nude for the benefit of comfort and health. See also nudist vs. naturist.  

    One who practices Naturism. See also nudist vs. naturist.  

    Naturist Society
    Publishers of Nude & Natural magazine and The World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, they are the second largest naturist organization in the U.S.

    Newsletter, The
    Published monthly by NAC. The Newsletter is a valuable resource for staying informed of the legal aspects surrounding the protection of naturist rights.  

    Nude & Natural
    Quarterly magazine published by TNS. Commonly referred to as N Magazine.  

    Nude vs. Naked
    Althougth similar, the two terms do not imply the same meaning. A nudist would rather be nude than naked. Naked implies being stripped, incomplete, missing something (clothing). Nudists` believe the nude human is in itself complete and that clothing can be added on optionally.  

    A name used by several nudist parks to describe their annual music event.  

    The practice of being nude for the benefit of comfort and health. See also nudist vs. naturist.  

    One who practices nudism. See also nudist vs. naturist.  

    Nudist Colony
    An outdated term once used to describe nudist parks and resorts. Use of the term is discouraged due to negative connotations. Ants live in colonies, not nudists.  

    Nudist vs. Naturist
    Essentially synonomous, the terms Naturist/Naturism were originally created as an alternative to Nudist/Nudism in the attempt to dispell negative connotations associated with Nudism. Naturism tends to imply more environmental awareness, free beach values, and recreational nudity, while Nudism tends to be focused more around resorts and living nude full time.  

    The state or fact of being nude. (Webster)  

    Special Interest Group  

    Southwest Sunbathing Association  

    Social Nudity/Nudism
    The practice of nudism as a family, group, and/or a setting such as a free beach or nudist park/resort.  

    The Naturist Society  

    Non-nudist or clothing-required, as in "nude-beaches are better than textile-beaches."  

    Travel Club
    A club that does not own any land and therefore travels to nearby landed parks and resorts as a group. See also Landed vs. Non-Landed.  

    Western Association for Nude Recreation - The WANR is NOT to be confused with the WSA of AANR. The WANR publishes the SKINNY-DIPPERS Newsletter for its members. Through networking, members of the association share naturist news information about nude beaches, mountain hiking, `canuding`, visits to hot springs, social gatherings, and many other nude activities.

    Western Canadian Association for Nude Recreation (region of AANR)  

    Western Sunbathing Association (region of AANR)  

    World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts
    Travel guide published by TNS. Contains hundreds of listings, with directions and color photos.  

    The first Internet USENET newsgroup devoted to the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Once an excellent resource prior to the explosion of the Internet. It is now considered by many to be a wasteland due to misuse.  

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